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Using the new Apple TV to emulate classic game consoles


Main Article from Ars Technica http://arstechnica.com/apple/2015/12/using-the-new-apple-tv-to-emulate-classic-game-consoles/


My opinion is that emulators on the tv is awesome, as it is (as of posting) the only non gaming dedicated set top box that can run emulators.


"With iOS 9, Apple has opened up a small loophole for sideloading apps that you can take advantage of with a little bit of work. Basically, anyone can open up an Apple developer account without spending any money, and compiling and loading apps you’ve built to test hardware doesn’t cost anything either. Downloading production and prerelease versions of iOS and submitting apps to the App Store still requires a paid account, but anyone with a Mac and Xcode 7 can do whatever they want with their own devices."


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It requires a computer with OSX <_< , well that's fucked that idea.

"We also blind small animals with cosmetics.
We do not sell cosmetics. We just blind animals."


"Please don't mistake us for Equifax. Those fuckers are evil"


This PSA brought to you by Equifacks.

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