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Unknown Cause of PC restarting



Since about 2 months i have a problem with my PC during casual gaming.



The story is, my Power Supply broke around 2 months ago (tested, it was definitely it, gave it up to servicve, the guy replaced it with a brand new same power output Supply.


My previous was: a 500W OCZ 500 SXS and now i have a 500W Hedy EU ATX Switching power supply.

Since then, i have troubles playing games, no matter what graphics settings (tested on CS:GO, Far Cry 3, Word of warships).


After 20-30 minutes my PC just shuts down and restart. Just like that with no apparent cause.


My setup is an older computer:


MOBO: Asus p5k pro
CPU E 8400 (No OC)

GPU a fairly new GTX 660

6 gigs of RAM (2x1 2x2) 


All the games were on my main disc, a Crucial m500 240Gb SSD.
(tested for bad secros etc) 


First i thought it was the Power Supply, but I tested it, it was fine.
Than i thought.. Temperature!

Tested with: OCCt, GPU-Z, CPU-Z, HW info and every diagnostic tool i could lay my hands on, the temperatures with everything running at 100%, NOTHING. CPU not exciding 60C, GPU 40, Discs stable at max 30... 

Using everyday life (movies, Youtube, Internet even Photoshop) everything is fine.
Firing a game, no matter what graphics settings (Word of warships at highest possible, and lowest) same thing, restsart after 2-30minutes of palying.

Help, anybody has any ideas?? 

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