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Asus AC 51 USB network adapter not working.

So i've been using an Asus Ac 51 network adapter for wireless networking on my desktop computer and i have been having some problems with it suddenly not connecting and needing a reboot in order to connect again so today i decided to update the drivers to hopefully make it work 100 percent. So i upgraded my drivers and immidiendly disconnected and haven't been able to reconnect.
Note i am able to plug my network adapter into my laptop and have it function so it's probably not defect! So far I've come to the conclusion that i fucked the drivers up but i don't know how to fix it :D
Please help me! :D

- Windows troubleshooting tool says it's my router but i've reset it numerous times and all other devices are working including the network driver on any other computer.
- It says connect under the "Change adaper settings tool" in windows and can't connect. When i try to connect it's getting stuck at authindicating or connects shortly with a limited connection and disconnects literally seconds after.

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Those things are very unreliable... I was advised to use a PCI-E Wireless Card :)


CPU: Pentium G3258 @ 3.2ghz    Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-SLI   RAM: 1x 8GB HyperX Fury    GPU: GTS450

HDD: 250GB WD    SSD: 240GB SanDisk Now300   PSU: Old 400W Thing   Monitor: Old Samsung LCD 1680x1050

Keyboard: Perixx PX-1100   Mouse: Perixx MX3000-R   HeadphonesAudioTechnica ATH-M50X BL   Mic: Auna MIC-900BG

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