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how to bios overclock in asus uefi?

i've currently got my 4790k overclocked to 4.6 GHz using the 5 way optimization overclocking wizard on asus AI suite 3. the TPU page says my voltage is on adaptive with an "OC voltage" of 1.3 and an offset of  .025V (im not sure what to lower in bios to bring that down) my BCLK is 100MHz and my core ratio is 46x with a cache ratio of 40x. besides the voltage which needs an obvious reduction are any of these settings in need of changing? what options in the ASUS ROG UEFI do i need to change to fix my voltage? (which oddly enough doesnt throttle) how can i tell if im at an OC sweet spot?


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wish it were that easy.


when using a canned OC, the adaptive voltage is usually an AUTO (tolerantly

high to most CPUs) voltage with a +/- offset.


the wiley way is to use a static voltage to reduce the voltage used to have a stable

overclock and produce lower temperatures from the lower voltage. then, once you

have established the correct voltage amount, then go back to your AUTO voltage

setting and add/subtract more voltage to achieve your static voltage used.

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