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Used Razer Blackwidow Chroma


I have a blackwidow chroma, used for around 6 months. I might be interested in selling it in order to switch to corsair, as now that I've switched to mechanical (and now all my friends have) I've had the opportunity to have a hands on experience with many different keys/brands.


Any idea what It might be worth or where the best place to sell it would be? Its in perfect condition, no scratches, scuffs, its clean, works great, and I have the original packaging in perfect condition. I thought about maybe the Classifeds here, but im not sure how payment works and I only saw one keyboard for sale, so I wasn't sure if it would be the best place.

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Try selling it on eBay/Craigslist/Amazon to get the most for it.


eBay will take a bit as a fee but I have sold stuff on eBay for like $60AU and still make about $40AU after paying for postage.


As for the keyboard, you could probably get about $100-$130 for the keyboard and if it's in great condition, it will sell a lot better. Look on eBay at completed listings, not sold listings to get a gauge as to how much you can get for it.


Good luck, Alpha.

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It sells for 150$ new, Id say Its worth 75$. Half the price considering Its been used for 6 months. I personally wouldnt pay more than 50$.

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