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Help with a new monitor?




I am looking for a new monitor for my rig because currently I use one designed for Windows Vista.


The monitor does not have to be a high end gaming one as I don't really play high-precision games like CS:GO.


Also my budget is around £50-£150




P.S. It only needs to have a HDMI input on it or DisplayPort (no way to implement yet as I don't have DisplayPort on my rig, but planning to have when I upgrade my graphics card in the near future) 


Future build:



Current build: (laptop)


Use the following style specs for your profile!
Screeninator: Intel Graphics 5500
Stickaminator: Hyandai 12GB DDR3 RAM (1x8GB, 1x4GB)
Procrastinator: Intel i5-5500U @ 2.2 GHz
Noisoundacreator: TURTLE BEACH PX4
Remembrerthing: WD 1TB Blue HDD
Flat-Colorful-Thing: Samsung SyncMaster 2323Y
See-A-Move-O: Tecknet M288


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