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Is there a way to fix the right-stick controller lag in Black Ops 2 on PC?

I just got BO2 on Steam, and I hate using the keyboard and mouse. Almost all of my games support controllers, so that's what I use.


I have an issue in Black Ops(and Far Cry 3, come to think of it) where there's a tiny bit of input lag when I look around using the right stick. This makes the game virtually impossible to play competitively. On top of that, the acceleration seems to be quite a bit off compared to the Xbox 360 port.


Is there some sort of mod that can fix these issues? Is there a .dll file I can replace or an .ini file I can edit? Or, at the very least, is there any sort of technique that I can use to get more used to mouse and keyboard? For one, how can I disable mouse acceleration? I heard that un-ticking the "Enhance pointer precision" option under Mouse Properties is how to do it, but it just seems to make the controls all the more inaccurate. I have my mouse's DPI at max, by the way.

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