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will dvi work with dvi d


No. There are several different kinds of DVI connectors, you should be using the one for your ports.

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Yes, as long as the cable doesn't have the four extra analog pins (and that both are either single link or both dual link. Although, a single link dvi cable can be put in a dual link slot. Not the other way around.)




I made this to better explain. The red lines show what doesn't work and the green ones show what does work.





This should give you an idea of how it works. (I'm sorry if I missed something or did something wrong but this is the general idea.)


Although a single link -D works in Dual link -D, you should try to get so the cables match for the best bandwidth etc.


So if your monitor and computer has DVI-D dual link, go for one of those cables. (If they've got DVI-I dual link, go with either a DVI-I or DVI-D cable since the four analog pins on the left of the connectors are not used unless you use a converter to for example VGA.)


EDIT2: I derped with the pic. It's been updated.



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