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Wifi password can you crack the code? advanced physics knowledge for the last one.


Okay people we need to solve this all in the name of yakarma for me on yik Yak, serious business here.

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First one is Lorentz factor

Second one is saying dv/dt=F=0... I dunno, it's a statement that's true.... (sum of forces goes to zero, acceleration goes to zero, which makes sense as F=ma, Newton's 2nd law...?)
Third one is superposition of states in a probability amplitude (?) function.

This is high school stuff  :P


Edit: the 2nd one is actually Newton's first law, an object in motion stays in motion unless external force acted on it. Law of inertia. I think the trick is first one is the main principle behind relativity, 2nd one is for classical mechanics, 3rd is for quantum mechanics.

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