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Compare XFX R9 290X R9-290X-EDFD vs R9-290X-EDBD. Opinions/Advice?


I've finally reached the "finally buy the video card" step in my new build, and I'd appreciate if anyone could advise.





The only difference is 1050mhz core clock versus 1000mhz core clock. My question is this: Is it worth the $40 price difference? Can't one just OC the 1000mhz model themselves to that anyway (I don't plan to, but just wondering if it's not possible)? It looks like exactly the same hardware, is it?


Is there anything else out there for the same price point that's performing better? NVIDIA is a little bit of a sore spot in my heart, so I'm not considering anything by them. I've read a lot saying the 390 series R9 isn't better than the 290X, it's worse. So, before I go spending over budget (which this is), I want to be absolutely sure I'm getting the best performance for my money. I'm going with XFX because I'd like the option to aftermarket watercool the card and not void the warranty, and they seem to be the only company that doesn't care if you do that.


I apologize if these types of posts aren't allowed (I swear I looked for the rules and didn't see it wasn't). I came from another forum where they are not, but I really would appreciate someone being able to tell me if there's any point in the higher priced card here. I've read reviews showing benchmarks of both cards (as instructed in the other forum's rules), but it didn't answer this question. I'm not being lazy, I really just can't determine the answer to this question on my own regardless of days of research.

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