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My monitor acting weird


Hi guys i have a problem and need some help


This is my pc:


Intel i5 6600k

16gb ddr4 Ram

I have no GPU yet (unless that intel® hd graphics 530 chip)

 i am using my mobo's VGA port for my monitor which is a very old one Sony SDM-HX95  you can see its specifications here   http://specsen.com/monitors-sony/sony-sdm-hx95/


i built my pc yesterday, installed windows 10 home and everything was fine then i change my screen resolution a little bit then my monitor turned black and "Out of range resolution>1280x1024" error msg appeared. i could not take it back so i got an HDMI cable and connected my LCD TV to my PC. when i did that my monitor also started working. to make it clear this is how it looks like


My monitor-----(VGA cable)------My Motherboard's VGA port---MY PC--- My Motherboard's HDMI port-------(HDMI cable)----My LCD TV


here is the funny part that i dont understand. In display settings if I chose CLONE MONITOR i can get image from my monitor and my TV at the same time with lots of different resolution settings, there is no problem. If i unplug my VGA cable i can get image from my LCD TV however when i plug that VGA cable back and unplug my HDMI cable my monitor shows me that "Out of range resolution>1280x1024" error msg again and when i plug HDMI cable back both my monitor and TV works fine again. i tried to change resolution and refresh rate to minimum settings but i can not make my monitor work alone.


final and more weird part of my story, i made some more experiment. when everything is set( i have vision from both my monitor and TV) i turned my TV off and see that  my monitor is still working fine. i thought that "my TV still has power on it so it may send some signal from that HDMI cable" to prove that theory i unplugged my TVs power cable so that there is no electricity on my TV now but my monitor kept working. when i unplugged the HDMI cable my monitor stopped working.  i am sorry if i am talking like a complete moron but thats all seems very weird to me.


i hope you guys can understand what i am talking about because of my terrible English and  give me some advice. 


thanks in advance 



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