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Potential future for hardware of next gen consoles?


I have been looking into 4k for a long time and ultrawide gaming monitors more recently.


I wasn't convinced 4k would replace 1080p since it's actually worse for productivity, only excelling in entertainment.


Though ultrawide monitors seem to be the future now that I have seen:


With that price it's a steal. And I suspect we'll be seeing ultrawide getting cheaper


Great for everything really, including productivity and work, making a genuine incentive for people to buy them. Except for the fact that most computers/machines/software are designed with 16:9 specifically in mind. So you will have black bars on the left and right if ultrawide isn't supported.


But this has got me wondering.

Since ultrawide 'could' have the pros of the price of 1080p and the pros of eyefinity without the black frame bars.


How likely is it that 'next gen' game consoles will take a jump towards ultrawide gaming? Hardware wise, it isn't that much more demanding than 1080p. Microsoft and Sony just need to manage to up the hardware (which won't be difficult considering the constant year on year improvements in hardware, especially price wise). Will take a few years though to prevent them from spiking their prices.


With that in mind, the Xbox One and PS4 might just be able to manage ultrawide gaming with new refreshes of their consoles.


Though that would present the problems:

Current released consoles would almost be obsolete and customers would feel ripped off with such the big leap, having to buy a new console

All/most current games would have to be updated to include support for ultrawide to prevent those black bars from making the games look cheap and old (a lot less likely to happen; I've noticed a lot of companies don't really like doing this nowadays)


Or is it possible if they do support ultrawide, they would just release a different type of console to save them the hassle?


What are your thoughts? Am I clutching on straws here or could this be possible?

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I doubt next gen consoles will be going for ultrawide considering ultrawide isn't for everyone and isn't for every game. Consoles are made for the general masses and not everyone owns a widescreen tv. Most console users user their tv for gaming which most of time is not in ultrawide.

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They still include AV (composite) ports on the PS4, and Composite has been around since the late 80's. I doubt that they'll make such a big jump in tech, if ever. Consoles will always be about 10 years behind the highest end PC's performance wise, although the gap is closing slowly. By the time consoles can drive something like ultrawide at a decent resolution (2560x1080) I figure they won't even be relevant anymore.

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