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Sketch up problem with 2 point circle (PC desk build)

I have this idea to do a water cooled PC build in side a desk, (yes its been done i know), but I wanted it to fit well it my room.


This is the beginning of the plans. Its a corner desk 6' x 6' and 2' wide [i will be making the build log soon once i get plans finished]




So I wanted a curve where the 90 degree bend is. 

Note: In this picture the curve was slightly off I re-adjusted it later.



Under the desk.



I then smoothed it out, and also fixed the curve, it looked good so far.



Deleted all the little lines, but once I got to this one....



This is what happens.



Now, I'm not sure why that is happening if some one could help me out that would be great. 

I'm new to this program, but slowing learning.

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Sketchup just does that sometimes. Right click the line and just hide it.

Thats is the desk ill be building soon


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