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Good 144hz 24inch free sync monitor?

Go to solution Solved by Aytex,

no, no nonoon dont get razer keyboard and headset, they are absolute trash


get a corsair K series keyboard


and hyper x clouds

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/CJrJcf There's my build, I'm looking for a 24 inch 144hz monitor because I'm a competitive gamer, I know generally tn panels don't look as good as ips but I'm thinking of also getting a ips monitor too for a double monitor set up so I can play other games what would look nicer on ips. So back to the question, I'm looking for 24,144hz, free sync 1080p monitor best suggest, price haven't been decided yet hopefully something under 400-500 if it's higher say it too I'll have a look.
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