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Mobile phone service issues


So I recently discovered a very random and odd problem with my cell phone service back on the 11th of December. The problem at hand was I have 100% access to my data, could test message anyone with no issues but I can not make or receive phone calls as I get a msg "this number is not assigned" So I took to trouble shooting

Got in contact with my mobile providers support team, had the port reset, signal pushed and account semi rebuilt, the outcome was go to the store for a new sim card!

So off to the store I went, got a new sim card waited 10 minutes tested my phone, again Data and texting was fine! phone calls same msg "this number is not assigned"

so I tried my sim in another phone to rule out my phone as the issue this proved to be the same scenario, used the girlfriends sim card in my phone worked perfectly fine so I ruled out the phone myself.

back to my mobile providers support team, they tried to repush the signal and semi rebuild the account again, met with the same scenario yet again so they referred me to the store to run diagnostics

The store ran the diagnostics, my phone passed all tests they tested my sim in another phone to record that as a failure. notes the account and adv me the issues is the account not my phone.

back to my mobile providers support team I go and the first thing they tell me is we want to replace your phone - So I come back ok well I do not feel my phone is the cause to this issue having seen it pass all tests can I email you the results. Collected the email address  and emailed the results they come back with we still want to replace the phone to which I said ok well I don't want to honour this step I feel 100% will fail to solve the problem so how about we lock my account and re-provision it then change my number if that fails.

After about 15 minutes of back and forth my account is now sitting with Provisioning while they figure out my issue. due to hear back on Friday they have told me.

Thanks Rogers........

Anyone else ever experience anything like this before?



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