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Uncanny Valley


ran across this feature short..


very much like ender's game.. and VR? 


it's getting a feature film as well





Echoing themes seen in works like Ready Player One and All You Need Is Kill and inspired by the development of virtual reality platforms for consumers,Uncanny Valley explores the line between violent fantasies and antisocial behavior, the drudgery of poverty, and the exploitation of the poor in matters corporate and military. Set in a near-future dystopia, it follows the impoverished residents of a slum plagued by virtual reality addicts who earn a meager living playing violent games while serving as the workforce for real world wars. Sociopaths, wastrels, desperate or suicidal, they spend their days increasingly isolated and cared for, barely, by overworked social workers. The title comes from the term coined by robotics professor Masahiro Mori to describe the point at which something that looks very close to real, but not quite right, causes revulsion in observers rather than empathy.
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