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Assassin's Creed syndicate or Rainbow Six siege

Ubisoft Boycot!

But Rainbow Six, it looks better and something fresh compared to Assassins creed.

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I bought Syndicate and tbh I enjoy the story n stuff that you have to do. Gotta say tho, it's full of bugs, it's optimized really bad and the graphics are just not what you'd expect with games around like ''The Witcher'' that look way better. But if you're able to look pass that, like I can, it's pretty cool.

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I like Siege.

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I got the option for either on my GPU and Siege with my SSD, so I got both.


I'd say Syndicate. You'll get more worth out of it. Siege will die off as another multiplayer fad eventually. What good is it when you have noone to play with?

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I would say neither to be honest. 


Syndicate gets boring after you beat it. Siege gets annoying because no one understands the words " Teamwork " And " Tactical Operation "  plus even if you do try and do something outta the box you screwed because A: The other team is camping which I get but gets annoying.  


B: Your the attacker and you can't for some reason got outside of the house or set parameter which is bullshit because why camp at the objective if I can bum rush or try to get into a position where I can pick someone off?  C: The entire team is using riot shields by that point just quit the game because riot shields are OP. 


Idk sell the key you get for something else I suppose or something Idk.

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get siege, and when i go to work tomorrow, i'll send you a key for assassins creed

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I would say neither to be honest. 


Syndicate gets boring after you beat it.

I don't get why that would be a bad thing. Single player games are about the single player story, and not perpetually repeating scenarios like online mp games. As long as it's good until it's completed, that's what matters.

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lol wtf

These two games come with whatever NVIDIA product OP is buying...

oh... that's like a bundle? then get whatever floats your goat man...

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