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Upgrading RAM and some other questions


Maybe I stuck this in the wrong place.. ? Link to other topic

answered your question.... or tried to do it. you were in the right place



- Ryzen Build -

R5 3600 | MSI X470 Gaming Plus MAX | 16GB CL16 3200MHz Corsair LPX | Dark Rock 4

MSI 2060 Super Gaming X

1TB Intel 660p | 250GB Kingston A2000 | 1TB Seagate Barracuda | 2TB WD Blue

be quiet! Silent Base 601 | be quiet! Straight Power 550W CM

2x Dell UP2516D


- First System (Retired) -

Intel Xeon 1231v3 | 16GB Crucial Ballistix Sport Dual Channel | Gigabyte H97 D3H | Gigabyte GTX 970 Gaming G1 | 525 GB Crucial MX 300 | 1 TB + 2 TB Seagate HDD
be quiet! 500W Straight Power E10 CM | be quiet! Silent Base 800 with stock fans | be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 | 2x Dell UP2516D

Reviews: be quiet! Silent Base 800 | MSI GTX 950 OC


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*Just a suggestion, when reposting you could copy everything over and not just link it.

You could also ask a moderator to move the post to the correct category :)


Back to the topic on hand -


It's true that not many applications take advantage of higher RAM speed but I'd still get the ones with higher clocks if the price difference was small...'coz bragging rights.

You can bark like a dog, but that won't make you a dog.

You can act like someone you're not, but that won't change who you are.


Finished Crysis without a discrete GPU,15 FPS average, and a lot of heart


How I plan my builds -


For me I start with the "There's no way I'm not gonna spend $1,000 on a system."

Followed by the "Wow I need to buy the OS for a $100!?"

Then "Let's start with the 'best budget GPU' and 'best budget CPU' that actually fits what I think is my budget."

Realizing my budget is a lot less, I work my way to "I think these new games will run on a cheap ass CPU."

Then end with "The new parts launching next year is probably gonna be better and faster for the same price so I'll just buy next year."


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