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[TL;DW] Around the Verse 2.10

The next 7 Days:
Friday: development update, Monthly report November
Saturday: UOLTT Meetup
Thursday: Holiday live stream
Free Flight:
Art stuff:

13:31 14:31 15:04 16:20 17:16 17:53 Concept art Nyx

23:59 Concept art Hurston and Micro Tech

30:20 Nyx layout concept

42:50 Art Sneak Peek: Freelancer rework


00:47 Live streams: RTV, Wing Commander, Subscriber Stream and holiday live stream next week

02:23 SC Alpha 2.0 continues to be on PTU

02:42 2 polls on mmogames.com


Spectrum Dispatch:

03:28 Los Angeles: Fixing Constellation, Reliant hangar ready in next release, balancing passes for 2.0

05:02 Austin: Animation for unreleased ships and weapons, iterating on design for shopping, tech content team formed

07:37 Manchester: Fixing game servers for 2.0

09:16 Frankfurt: Fixing 2.0 AI, getting FPS AI working, design for smuggling career, new weapons (S4 gatling), refining cinematics pipeline


12:19 Player Clip - Bend it like Beckham

13:03 Interview with Director of Persistent Universe Tony Zurovec (Part2)

29:50 BTS: Nyx

40:43 Player Clip - Abandoned

41:33 Monthly report November tomorrow

41:57 MVP: Jim - P72 Archimedes Commercial

42:50 Art Sneak Peek: Freelancer rework

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