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A Moto G for my dad, (those like 200$ smartphones from Motorola)

He's still on a flip phone :^)





Forgot the link






Someone told Luke and Linus at CES 2017 to "Unban the legend known as Jerakl" and that's about all I've got going for me.

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Wow this is a awsome giveaway cool idea.


On Hub Google Router for my Mum and Dad 
they are still using the terrible ISP provided one. 

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I would get an HP stream for my Mom, I barely got her to get a smartphone last year and I just taught her what the difference between "wifi" and the "internet" is, she thought it was the same




A pair of headphones Bose SoundSport for my brother, he is starting to get into tech and I just got him his own laptop last year 


Thanks LTT, good luck who ever wins

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corsair h110

to my twin brother

he had birthday yesterday

you see this? this is my signature. btw im Norwegian 


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A Pair of AKG Q710wht for my brother, link

he's a musician and still rocking a pair of 20$ bose, love the guy but he needs something a bit better... xD

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A Nexus 7(2013) for my aunt.


She has an autistic children who needs to learn on how to interact with people, and he lives playing with some sort of tech whether it is a phone or our previous dead tablet. So what we usually do is make him interact with us in order for him to receive whatever he wants (its usually a tablet) instead of him just dragging our arms around and pushing it towards the general direction of what he wants. 

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Hey :) I'm getting a 4TB WD My Cloud Mirror for my parents as they have been storing most of their photos on CDs, DVDs, flash drives and recently an external drive and frankly it's all a huge mess with notes hanging from each drive with dates and places. I believe something like this will ease the storage of all their photos and videos that they take and they do like to travel a lot :) I might even pair this with a good DSLR camera if something good pops up.



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My dad has always been anti-technology, and only recently has he begun embracing it. While he isn't starting a Vlog channel anytime soon, he does use the internet often for research, browsing Craigslist and eBay, and so-forth. Most of what he does is basic internet browsing. That's why I'd want to get him an HP Chromebook 14. It would suit his needs perfectly, the screen size is perfect, and it does everything he'd need it to do, and nothing more. It would honestly be perfect!

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I'd have to choose a mechanical keyboard for my mom (That is in fact the person you saw @nicklmg) since she's studying to become a vet.


She has to type out long essays and assignments on a tiny little gateway computer keyboard. 


I reckon a mechanical keyboard should make that easier since she does have arthritics, could help since you don't have to bottom out.


Brown switches for the win, and TKL so it's a bit easier to carry around, and CM because that's apparently the only brand i heard of. (At least from what you can get on Amazon.ca)


Link: http://www.amazon.ca/QuickFire-Rapid-Tenkeyless-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches/dp/B007VDKLLM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1449130283&sr=8-2&keywords=tenkeyless+mechanical+keyboard


Merry Christmas :D

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I would like to get my mom the Lenovo T420. Reason being that she only has a tablet at the moment and I think it would help having a device that actually has a keyboard and a bit more powerful.


Lenovo T420 notebook


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A Samsung 850 evo for my brother as he has some good high end system and he misses an SSD.




If possible I'd like to give my sister a wireless Headphone. I showed her your review on Jaybird X2, she really likes it.



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I'd like to give my girlfriend Jaybirds X2 earbuds. She has been through so many cheaper earbuds and is frustrated with either how they fit or how easy one side will die. She gave me a Ducky Shine Mini (thanks Linus for the video) and I'd like to give her something nice. She always does something nice for me and she deserves something nice.



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