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Cooler Master 120mm Sickleflow/R4 Review By A Silence Freak

I was out shopping for fans for my case, well to be honest, fan. First off these fans are cheap like the dollar store. These can often be found at $5 to $10 each. I snagged myself the Blue LED version.


What comes with the package are the following: fan, 3 pin to molex adapter, 4 silver screws to mount to the case, and some warranty info and whatnot.


The fan blades have a smoked, dark translucent look to it with a shiny reflective CM sticker on the hub. The frame is black and opaque. The cables are all sleeved in a shiny reflective thing as well and the plug is brown.


These fans have pretty good airflow and would be enough for most cases out there with a fan filter and a hard drive cage. The LEDs aren't too bright but at the same time they aren't too dark. They also look quite nice since the fan is a dark translucent smoked colour.


Noise, the most important thing to me. Also note I am a silence freak, I cannot stand loud fans and I am looking to replace my GPU asap since the fan is the only thing I can hear when I'm gaming. These fans are dead silent at 5 volts, at 7 volts it's a tiny tiny bit louder while providing quite a lot more airflow. At 12v/full speed you will definitely hear them, they will be audible now. At this point you can definitely hear a whooshing sound of air so to some people out there this may not be an issue but to me I want my rig to be as quiet as possible (which hasn't happened because of my loud GPU). There wasn't any anomalies with my fan (e.g. whining because it's set as a 'pull' configuration). For most users running it at 7v would be the ideal configuration. 


In conclusion these are great cheap fans that provide 'okay' airflow while not being terribly loud at 7v which is the ideal setting. If you are looking for some cheap fans with LEDs then I would recommend these since they are usually $5 to $10 each.


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I know a friend who had a bunch of sickleflow fans die around a year of age mostly because the bearings.

But at $5 a fan.... You get what you pay for I guess...

<p>Mobo - Asus P9X79 LE ----------- CPU - I7 4930K @ 4.4GHz ------ COOLER - Custom Loop ---------- GPU - R9 290X Crossfire ---------- Ram - 8GB Corsair Vengence Pro @ 1866 --- SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB ------ PSU - Corsair AX 860i ----- Case - Corsair 900D

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I know a friend who had a bunch of sickleflow fans die around a year of age mostly because the bearings.

Yep I don't expect these to last long.

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