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Benq XL2720Z--the BEST non gsync/freesync TN monitor ON THE PLANET ATM


You guys know me.  The guy who keeps ranting about the "hidden" AMA low mode in the Benq XL2720Z.  However as you all know, one of the BIGGEST complaints about the Benq monitors is the super aggressive overdrive settings, which goes back to the original T series.  Blur reduction toned it down a bit but it's still there.  Without blur reduction, AMA high is a complete ugly mess of spectral ghosting, inverse ghosting and RTA artifacts (  (You benq users know exactly what I'm talking about!)


The "undocumented" AMA Low mode which was added to V3 firmware greatly improves the image quality of blur reduction and you can then lower the contrast to set how much "normal" ghosting you get.

However many people don't like blur reduction due to it adding input lag (it doesn't, IF you use a HIGH strobe phase; using a low strobe phase (000) or Area=000 in the XL2730Z, adds one FRAME of input lag, by pushing the strobe into the NEXT frame instead of the current frame.  But still people like to play games without blur reduction, and then the horrible super aggressive AMA settings drive people CRAZY.

And there is no way to set this AMA low option for blur reduction off, for those Cs:go players who cant stand blur reduction....


That's why people would like the Tracefree=60 setting in the Asus VG278HE or VG248QE for very low overdrive artifacts or something like the Ilyama Prolite GB version:(after firmware update allowing directdrive+overdrive in 144hz) --look at the ridiculously low overdrive artifacts!



However I randomly stumbled upon something I had run into a few months ago but thought nothing of it (I thought maybe I was drunk or I had toggled a sharpness setting or something).

But yesterday.....I was bored, playing with profiles and it made it happen again.  That's when I found out something WONDERFUL.





Yep.....ANOTHER firmware bug!

(Benq emailed me and confirmed that vertical total tweaks that reduce strobe crosstalk is ALSO a bug, that blur busters exploited for our benefit).

The AMA low (Blur reduction on) is a V3+ firmware feature, as it did not exist in V2 firmware (it just made the overdrive twice as horrible).

But this new bug is probably the biggest beneficial bug in the history of gaming LCD's.


As mentioned in the OCN thread, first activate blur reduction undocumented AMA low mode.

Then switch DIRECTLY to a display profile preset (or a gaming 1-3 preset) that has blur reduction already off.

This allows you to use AMA low with blur reduction off, totally removing all the default crap benq ruined their gaming panels with for YEARS !



Yes, the same bugs that let us use Vertical total tweaks to lower strobe crosstalk, and AMA low mode to lower blur reduction inverse ghosting, allow us to *REMOVE ALL INVERSE GHOSTING* from blur reduction OFF.  AND also remove all of the "glowing white" black to white ghosting that everyone hated Benq for.

This profile bug puts Benq on a ghosting level with Asus Tracefree's best settings and the best Ilyama and Eizo foris have to offer.

I personally only keep blur reduction on, but for some of you, you may be in heaven if you don't like blur reduction.


Pictures: 1) 60hz default AMA high, blur reduction off.  Featuring all the coronas and spectral white ghosting you love so much on Benq monitors for years.1f1c1a1d_60hz_default_AMA.jpeg


60hz: Profile bug exploit: AMA low +Blur reduction off:



(oh gee, where did those overdrive coronas and spectral white ghosting artifacts go?  GONE! GONE I SAY!).


Yes overdrive is active and I don't think you will find a monitor that looks better than this.

here is AMA set to off, for reference (60hz).  Basic normal ghosting with a primary trail, typical of no overdrive.



Since 60hz is the worst case and we all know no one cares about 60hz, here's some 100hz pictures.  Notice they are clearer of course (higher refresh rate=less sample and hold blur).


100hz: AMA off blur reduction off.  Typical no overdrive ghosting with a lighter primary trail copy.




Here's 100hz in Default AMA high's full inverse ghosting and spectral ghosting benq hate.  This is what CS players HATE to see:

You can see the "spectral" white ghosting.  It's the white outline around the image.  Black to white text/graphic scrolling looks even worse.




And here is 100hz AMA low mode.  NO inverse artifacts. NO coronas.  NO spectral white ghosting ANYWHERE.  I think you guys died and went to heaven.







120hz is much the same pattern just the trailing is shorter from faster response time.  AMA low just looks less blurry.


144hz looks identical to Tracefree=60 on VG248QE.  NO spectral ghosting.  very faint afterimage ghost in AMA low but that's identical to VG248.


I've put blur reduction on /AMA Low pictures in previous posts if people wanted to see how AMA "low" affects blur reduction.


Folks...BUY this monitor.  If you want NO overdrive artifacts..I am serious.  Pictures just don't do it justice because you to actually see the scrolling with no artifacts for yourself.


And then you can choose between blur reduction+VT tweaks with low overdrive artifacts (AMA low toggle) vs blur reduction off with NO overdrive artifacts, until the 1440p panels aren't lotteries anymore..


(I don't know if the Benq XL2730Z looks like this by default with MBR off, but the blur reduction on the 30Z looks far worse)

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the MOST well-written non shit-talk topic ON THE FORUM ATM

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So you don't like BenQ monitors because of the issues with ghosting and AMA?....this post upset me too and the images hurt my eyes. Have you tried AMA=high?


Really nice post but buy which monitor, the ASUS VG248QE?

A water-cooled mid-tier gaming PC.

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No, the Benq looks better than the VG248QE if you exploit the profile bug.  They look the same at 144hz with tracefree 60.  Benq looks better at 60hz-100hz.

I posted the AMA high screenshots already.  They're the ones with the inverse coronas and the white outlines surrounding them :)

My point is you can get RID of them while still having overdrive on, by exploiting a profile+blur reduction bug.


The reason the images hurt your eyes is because blur reduction is off.  That's sample and hold motion blur.


See this image?





Here's an image that won't hurt your eyes!

Blur reduction *ON*, 120hz, AMA low undocumented mode, low camera exposure (dim)


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I wish I could see this model in person before buying it. All the hate of 27" 1080p makes me second guess myself buying this. Although I'm excited for you @Falkentyne does this mean really really clear movement in CS:GO? Sorry I've been reading a lot of all the monitor tech that comes with 144Hz, but still a noob.

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It's going to still be sample and hold motion blur if you are NOT using blur reduction.

See the above chart.


I can't explain, but at 100hz refresh rate, it will look "better" (less ghosting) than "Tracefree 40" and no "faint corona at all" of tracefree 60.

From this chart here.  (I tested this).





There are actually THREE overdrive levels I can set in standard mode by using the profile toggle.

1) Blur reduction AMA high mode -->Toggle into standard mode (any ama setting except OFF) with blur reduction off, which sets existing standard mode to a "improved" level (there's some coronas).

2) Blur reduction AMA OFF mode (yes, AMA OFF) -->toggle into standard mode (any Ama setting except off) -->this looks identical to trace free 60.

3) Blur reduction AMA low mode (this is a toggle : set MBR on first, then set AMA To high or re-toggle it afterwards)--this sets blur reduction to low -> toggle to standard mode with MBR off ->this sets AMA to PERFECT! (like tracefree 60 but NO CORONAS!)


Just get it, Ryzone!

And if you want crystal clear motion in CS, you can enable blur reduction and use one of the various MBR tweaks.


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