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Should I upgrade?

I have a pair of GTX780 in SLI hooked to a LG 34UM95.


It runs everything pretty smoothly, except when the games don't support SLI, then it is a PAIN going under 30fps most of the time.


So I am looking into buying a GTX980TI, and selling my two 780's. It would be a much better performance for games that don't support SLI, but I am not sure when compared to both my cards together.


Is it a good Idea? 

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yes it a huge step from dual 780s


the 980Ti should help you max out your ultrawide 1440P

Budget? Uses? Currency? Location? Operating System? Peripherals? Monitor? Use PCPartPicker wherever possible. 

Quote whom you're replying to, and set option to follow your topics. Or Else we can't see your reply.


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Personally, I'd just stick with the 780's till Pascal/Arctic Islands.

- CPU: Intel i7 3770 - GPU: MSI R9 390 - RAM: 16GB of DDR3 - SSD: Crucial BX100 - HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB -


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