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What is Memory Bus in GPUs?

memery bus is like a highway for data to flow between the GPU and the RAM


it is measured in bits


like 64 bits, 128bits, 256 bits and etc


in a way yes


the wider the bus


the faster data transfer


so getting a 512bit memory bus at a certain set speed will be faster than a 256bit bus since it is able to transfer twice as much data for the same memory clock speed





HBM is another ball game since the memory bus is super huge!!!


but the drawback now is the lower memory clock speed


but even at the slower pace


the HBM are still able to transfer way faster than GDDR5

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What is memory bus width in gpus? and why does bigger memory bus mean better?

Memory chips are essentially operated in a sort of "RAID 0" type setup, where you access multiple chips simultaneously to improve speed. Instead of writing data to one chip, split the data in half and send each half to a different chip at the same time, and you can read or write in half the time. Memory bus is the number of "channels" the GPU is equipped with, 64-bits for each channel. Higher bus width means data can be split between more channels to improve speed.

It doesn't affect computational power, but if the memory bus is not wide enough to transfer data as quickly as the GPU can process it, then some of the GPU's cycles will be wasted idling while it waits for memory operations to complete. Improving the memory subsystem will improve performance by regaining those wasted cycles, but only if the memory bus was limiting your performance in the first place.

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