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Icons on the left side, help ;-;

I know that there was post about this before, but there was no answer :C
So the thing is i have trouble with icons sticking to the left side of screen, after refreshing, booting up my pc, and stuff.
I'm running windows 10 64bit, i was searching for solutions and the only thing i found was to change some things in the registry, it worked, untli reboot...

So i found out that it may be the Zero.access infection or something like that and i don't know how to cure it :C

I scanned my pc several times with eset endpoint and malwarebytes and nothing bad appeared.


(If someone needs a screenshots or something to look at it there is the same problem as mine  ---->Link<----)


Any help will be much appreciated :)


(sorry for my poor english, i'm still learning :P)

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