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Blue Yeti vs AT 2035


I'm looking at the two microphones and Im not sure which is better. I looked for reviews on YT but only saw AT 2020 vs Blue Yeti. Are the 2020 and 2035 the same thing? Tell me your experiences and what you believe is better. Note that the price difference is not a concern. 

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Comparison between AT2020 & Blue Yeti


Note how the AT2020 (Yellow Line) has a much larger dynamic range. This is due to the AT2020 having a much larger, more sensitive and specialized 22mm capsule vs the Yeti's 3x 12mm capsules, that may or may not be used at any time for the Yeti's various pickup patterns. In terms of audio quality the AT2020 is much better, in terms of versatility the Yeti wins due to its multiple pickup patterns.



Comparison between the AT2020 vs AT2035


They both have similar characteristics as they are both 22mm capsules, but the AT2035 has a low frequency rolloff switch that you may or may not want to use, likewise the AT2035 has a slightly more refined sound versus its cheaper brother. Do note, the AT2020 has a version with a USB interface built in making it much easier to use with a computer, versus the 2035 requiring a separate audio interface to convert the analog signal into a digital one.

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