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Retaliator owners club

What do you think of this ship now that it's finally in our hangars,

Big enough, sleek ? Good colour ?

I personally love the pilots cockpit!!! But wasn't there supposed to be a "captains quarters" . Unless we have to add that later on.

Can't wait to see how it cuts through space. Takes off and lands.

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Yeah, it's really great. I love how big it is compared to the current ships. I read on the Star Citizen forums that it's going to be part of the first flyable multi crew ships included in the Arena Commander 2.0 patch whenever that comes out. I can't wait for that.

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I like my Retaliator I'm also liking the modules as well I picked up a couple it will be interesting to see what other modules are in the pipeline.   

The only thing fair in life is between first and third.

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