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Having issues with an NVidia GPU after upgrading to Windows 10? Click Here!

I've seen a lot of posts from people have issues with NVidia drivers on Windows 10 after doing the upgrade from 7 or 8.1. I've recently helped someone solve this issue and the fix, which may not work for everybody, is fairly simple.


Guru3D ship a really handy Display Driver Uninstaller that will fully remove the driver and anything related to it. It does this by using Safe Mode as that doesn't load the NVidia driver. Download the program and run it. It will prompt you to reboot into Safe Mode and the program will do it for you when you click 'Yes' (or something like that). Once in Safe Mode, click Clean and Reboot and then proceed to install version 353.30 of the NVidia GeForce driver.


I hope this works for you people having issues as it worked for the person I was helping earlier.

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You're a life saver, now these other posts will hopefully stop.

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