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June 26, 2015 - The WAN Show Document

For real though, they totally still sell hotcakes at Alberta McDonalds.

N64 HTPC: [Completed]


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What the fuck is turnip ?

  ﷲ   Muslim Member  ﷲ

KennyS and ScreaM are my role models in CSGO.

CPU: i3-4130 Motherboard: Gigabyte H81M-S2PH RAM: 8GB Kingston hyperx fury HDD: WD caviar black 1TB GPU: MSI 750TI twin frozr II Case: Aerocool Xpredator X3 PSU: Corsair RM650

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If you're gonna make a game (or any other type of software) that's gonna be cross platform... Then use common sense and develop it for PC first and then port it to consoles or mobile devices or whatever the other platforms are.


I'm just saying that if you want to make something (e.g. a game), then do whatever to make it as awesome as you can! Now you have the PC version. Now you port it to the other platforms by "stripping" it so it conforms to those platfoirms standars.


It's like downscaling as opposed to upscaling.

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It is now illegal to rip CDs you already on in the UK




My Rig: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

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One of the funniest episodes in a while. I will certainly buy a turnip shirt and a whole lot of hot cakes


  1. GLaDOS: i5 6600 EVGA GTX 1070 FE EVGA Z170 Stinger Cooler Master GeminS524 V2 With LTT Noctua NFF12 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8 GB 3200 MHz Corsair SF450 850 EVO 500 Gb CableMod Widebeam White LED 60cm 2x Asus VN248H-P, Dell 12" G502 Proteus Core Logitech G610 Orion Cherry Brown Logitech Z506 Sennheiser HD 518 MSX
  2. Lenovo Z40 i5-4200U GT 820M 6 GB RAM 840 EVO 120 GB
  3. Moto X4 G.Skill 32 GB Micro SD Spigen Case Project Fi


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I wonder, wiy doesn't AMD/ATI have a mascot for their videocards?


They should come out with a new version of the fury x, and call it the furry x. and then give it a new memory design.


For example, 4GB of HBM, and 8GB of GDDR5 (as a form of 512bit GDDR5 level 2 RAM)? That will at leasst help in cases where 4GB of VRAM is not enough (there are current games that need more than 4GB of VRAM). The main slowdown when you do not have enough VRAM, is when the card begin to use system memory. Regardless of the system memory, you are using the very limited bandwidth of the pci express bus, and you are then having that port pull double duty and handle the RAM style data, in addition to the other data and instrutions that the system uses to tell the card what to do with the data stored in its RAM.


They can then do a mascot along the lines of this, but have it installing a videocard.



I reversed seared that...and that is literally the only sfw pic of that furry......it's the FURY not FURRY 

muh specs 

Gaming and HTPC (reparations)- ASUS 1080, MSI X99A SLI Plus, 5820k- 4.5GHz @ 1.25v, asetek based 360mm AIO, RM 1000x, 16GB memory, 750D with front USB 2.0 replaced with 3.0  ports, 2 250GB 850 EVOs in Raid 0 (why not, only has games on it), some hard drives

Screens- Acer preditor XB241H (1080p, 144Hz Gsync), LG 1080p ultrawide, (all mounted) directly wired to TV in other room

Stuff- k70 with reds, steel series rival, g13, full desk covering mouse mat

All parts black

Workstation(desk)- 3770k, 970 reference, 16GB of some crucial memory, a motherboard of some kind I don't remember, Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI, CM Storm Trooper (It's got a handle, can you handle that?), 240mm Asetek based AIO, Crucial M550 256GB (upgrade soon), some hard drives, disc drives, and hot swap bays

Screens- 3  ASUS VN248H-P IPS 1080p screens mounted on a stand, some old tv on the wall above it. 

Stuff- Epicgear defiant (solderless swappable switches), g600, moutned mic and other stuff. 

Laptop docking area- 2 1440p korean monitors mounted, one AHVA matte, one samsung PLS gloss (very annoying, yes). Trashy Razer blackwidow chroma...I mean like the J key doesn't click anymore. I got a model M i use on it to, but its time for a new keyboard. Some edgy Utechsmart mouse similar to g600. Hooked to laptop dock for both of my dell precision laptops. (not only docking area)

Shelf- i7-2600 non-k (has vt-d), 380t, some ASUS sandy itx board, intel quad nic. Currently hosts shared files, setting up as pfsense box in VM. Also acts as spare gaming PC with a 580 or whatever someone brings. Hooked into laptop dock area via usb switch

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Make the damn IFixIt code work for Europe. Love the show ;)

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