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Transferring music from iPod to Iphone 6+...without importing into iTunes?

Ok...so the hard in my laptop is packed.


I bought an iPod Classic 5.5 Gen (128GB flash drive) with close to 18k songs on it...when I try and import the music into iTunes it stops @ about 4k of the 18k songs on the pod saying I have no more disk space in my computer.


I can't afford another SSD @ the moment.  




Is it possible to somehow import the music directly from the iPod into my iPhone 6+(128GB also)?


If so...how do you do it?

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cloud maybe? besides that I dont think theres much you can do besides burrow a computer


edit: a apple store might be able to do it for you

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Only two ways to correctly import music into your iPhone.


1) Through iTunes


2) Through iCloud (need to buy more space)


Just use a computer at school or a friend's computer or at the Apple Store. 

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