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Do you prefer SSD's or HDD's

I like both..SSD is super fast and good for OS (duh) and HDD is good for mass storage. I have a pile of old and new hard drives, but no SSD's, but I can see myself switching when I grow the balls to spend 200 bucks on something barely big enough for Windows and a few important programs.

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Both of them have their reasons to be in your comptuer, your SSD is a speed demon capable of getting your OS up and running in little to no time, but they are low capacity / expensive. HDD's are slower but can come with enough space to house everything you could possibly want on them for very cheap.


In short

SDD's are for performance.

HDD's are for storage.  

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Both, but i dont mind switching to SSD only in the future, when they are cheaper ofc :P

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I love SSDs for their speed and silence. I'd replace all my HDDs with SSDs if it wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg, not least of all because that would total around 5TB of storage.

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Absolutely SSD's. Need one for my laptop now...

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