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WIFI and Bluetooth issues in devices with intel N/AC 7265 adapters

Recently i just got a ZENBOOK ux305, it's an awesome laptop for the price. I got the 8gb ram and 256gb ssd, it works great, would like to see a review from linus, but there's an issue, when trying to use both the bluetooth(was using a bluebud X) and wifi, like say streaming music from spotify and listening to them using by bluebuds, the wifi connection will somehow become really flaky and just stops working after a while, this is fixed the instant i disconnected my bluebuds, i confirmed that it was the wifi driver issue by using a usb to Ethernet dongle and restream my music, and it didn't have any problem.



get the latest driver, NOT FROM OEM website, BUT FROM INTEL, specifically, get the driver version 17.16.04 or later, i didn't try rolling back the driver to simulate issue because took me so long to fix it, ain't going to break it

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We have a several of Asus Zenbooks at work (not this model) the wifi/bluetooth aerials are a bit rubish. We've had lots of issues with WiFi dropping or not getting the range expected, which is a shame because otherwise they are really nice machines.


And yes the Asus website gives you a 3-4 version old driver, though i couldn't get the wifi to work at all with the intel driver.

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