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Which GPU to max out 1280x1024 with FX-6300?

Question is in the title, which GPU should I be looking for to replace HD4890. It's not supposed to be new, just needs to be able to max out everything at 1280×1024 for at least a year. CPU is FX-6300.

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r7 265/270

(Don't bother with the 270x unless its cheaper than the 270)

EDIT: for a year.... i would say see whats cheaper between the 750 and 265

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I think R9 270 or 270X.

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The GTX 750 / Ti will max that out.

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wait for 950 ( will there any 950 tho?? xD ) 750 is good enough

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A 750ti or R9 270 non x will do the trick for you.

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I appreciate the suggestions, I looked up the prices of used cards here and there's actually the same price for GTX 670 and GTX 750 Ti, so I think i should go with 670, it should be able to handle upgrade to 1080p monitor in the future. Also, GTX 760 is a bit more expensive here and it has worse results than 670. Is there anything that 760 has over 670 except the fact that's newer or should I choose the 670?

P.S Sorry for possible language errors, English is not my main language!  :D

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