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Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

Today marks an exciting day - we are officially launching our new page over at http://vessel.com/linustechtips!


Of course, some of you may be wondering what exactly Vessel is... So before Linus took off to Asia, he created this video:



As Linus mentions in that video, you can sign up for a full year of Vessel, absolutely FREE for the first 72 hours after launch! (March 24, 2015 @ 12:01am PST - March 26, 2015 @ 11:59pm PST)



We also have an official Vessel FAQ and Feedback thread, which you can view here. Linus and the rest of our team will be monitoring that thread, reading every post made over there, so ask any questions you may have and we will answer them to the best of our ability!


Now, on to the exciting stuff for you folks... THE GIVEAWAY!


What could I win?

One of each of the following:
Galax GeForce GTX 980 Hall of Fame
LG 34UC97, 21:9 Curved Monitor
ASUS G750JZ Gaming Laptop with GTX 880M
AKG K7XX Massdrop Edition Headphones
Nvidia Shield Portable
Luke's "Scrapyard Wars" PC
Linus' "Scrapyard Wars" PC
If this thread reaches these total post counts, the following will ALSO be added to the giveaway:
25,000 posts: Kingston V310 960GB SSD
50,000 posts: The Hardline Watercooled PC build (featured in the Vessel early access video)
100,000 posts: Linus' PERSONAL PC


How do I enter?

Comment below and list:


Your Vessel username

Links to your two favorite videos on our Vessel page that you watched and liked


You can gain bonus entries by sharing the link to both this giveaway and our Vessel referral link, http://vessel.com/linustech


Add a:

Facebook share

Twitter share

Instagram share or

Other social media share


to your post to gain an additional entry! (Yes, you gain an additional entry for each one, so share away!)


You can also gain an additional entry by posting another comment in this thread (yes, you can post more than once from the same account) with a friend or family member's information (the same as listed above - Vessel username, favorite two videos from our Vessel channel, and any social media shares).




So please, watch, like, comment, subscribe, follow, do all of the online video things! And get multiple chances to win some awesome gear!






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Current laptop: Macbook Air 13" Broadwell Updated - HD 6000
Current Desktop: i5 4690K (4.2GHz) | Gigabyte GTX 960 G1 (1.515 GHz) | Cooler Master V650S | HyperX 8GB 1866 MHz (1x8) | ASRock Z97 Anniversary | Samsung 1TB HDD | SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSDZalman R1 Peripherals: Ducky Shine MX Red | Razer Naga 2012 | Razer Kraken Pro | Philips 246V 24"

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Username: Devido


Favourite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0



CPU: i7-3770k (4.3Ghz)        Cooler: Nocta DH-14      RAM: Corsair Vengance 4x4Gb          Mobo: Sabertooth Z77
GPU:Galaxy GC GTX 670 (1176Ghz)       Power Supply: Corsair 650Tx      Boot:Samsung 840 120Gb SSD
HDD: WD Green 2Tb    Case: Corsair 600T

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