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Apple Watch features “Power Reserve” mode, but it comes with a catch

One of the biggest questions hovering over Apple’s upcoming smartwatch event is the device’s battery life. Specifically, will it last a whole day on a single charge? Tim Cook previously hinted that the Apple Watch should last a whole day, but he may not be telling the whole story. A recent report from The New York Times reveals that Apple may have a trick up its sleeve. Alongside pricing and an official release date, the company could use its March 9 event to unveil a new “Power Reserve” mode to help you get through the day.


The new feature would apparently only use a fraction of the power, but of course there’s a catch. In return, it only shows the time, turning the device into a regular old non-smart watch. The Times also notes that Apple had to push back release plans the new wearable after losing several key employees late last year. You can blame Nest for the delays.


The Google-owned company poached Bryan James, who previously led the iPod software team and helped develop the Apple Watch, among others. Either way, we’re just a few days from Apple’s big announcement, and likely about a month from an official release. It won’t be long before the companyreveals exactly what it’s been working on, though we may not get a real sense of the device’s battery life until we can test one out for ourselves in April.


Source: http://www.technobuffalo.com/2015/03/02/apple-watch-features-power-reserve-mode-but-it-comes-with-a-catch/

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That's a deal breaker for me. I wouldn't get it if it couldn't last a day of normal use without turning off. The whole point of a smart watch is to give you notifications, but now that it is just a normal watch, its completely useless.

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