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Problems with second IPtv on Asus RT AC 66u



I live in Sweden and my internet provider is "Telia" and i got lost o problem with their router so i bought new ASUS RT AC66u router. Now i have fiber optic internet so i made the connection from "inteno" router LAN 1 port to WLAN port on my asus. Then from Asus router to my other devices: LAN 1 to PC , LAN2 TO second PC, LAN 3 to SMART TV and i made port 4 to work on my iptv with VID 845.


Now the problem is i want to make asus lan port 3 work as port 4 but i cant my iptv does not work on port 3 ? How to make it work? I tried with VID 845 on port 3 but that wont work


I dont know very much about networking but can help me? All i have is to have 2 iptvs one on port 3 and one on port 4. The one that is on port 4 works fine now but not on port 3......



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I dont know how your setup is. But if the cable from the nta(fiber to ethernet thing) is going directly into your asus router. you can use VLANS.


fiber optic providers offer 3 services: TV, Phone, Intenet.

They put all of these services on one line but they are on seprate VLANS.


for example in the netherland:


VLAN 6 = internet


VLAN 7 = phone


so you can use vlan to "route" the trafic

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It works now...


All i did i take a switch and conncect the switch to port 4 and then take two IPtvs and  conncect them to switch and it works just fine. I dont know if that best soulution but it works. Now i dont know if i can use rest of ports on switch to other stuff like PCs internet or is it just for IPTVs now when i made that connaction from port 4 on my asus router?

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