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Rosewill Hyperborea as radiator fan

The specs are like this;

  • Fan Size: 140mm
  • Bearing Type: HDB (Hydro Dynamic Bearing)
  • RPM: 600 -1300 RPM
  • CFM: 89.55 CFM
  • Max static air pressure: 2.76 mm H2O
  • Noise Level: 22.2 dB(A)


And looking at these I thought it would be a good radiator fan so I decided to change my stock H110 fans with these but I'm pretty disappointed. Don't know if I did something wrong(pretty unlikely that I did) but these fans are pretty loud even at 1000RPM compared to stock fans. And the cooling performance is not that great I think, getting 40-42C while typing these and watching stream(4670K@1.28v).


Is there anyone tried to use these as radiator fans? What was your experience?

INTEL Core i7-4790K  ASUS Maximus VII Ranger  CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 8GB 2133MHz  EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti  SAMSUNG 850 EVO 250GB  CORSAIR AX860i  CORSAIR Obsidian 750D

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