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Dual-bay fan mount.

This is a triple-bay fan-mount. It lets you turn three drive bays into a fan mount for a 120mm fan.

I have a case with two 5.25" bays and a 3.5" bay. I want something that will turn those into a mount for a 80mm/92mm fan, or two 60mm fans. The closest I've been able to find so far is this, which is alright, but not exactly what I'm looking for. Anyone know where I might be able to find something more akin to the first link?

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try as much as you can to use a 120 or 140mm fan.. the smaller are LOUD to develop

proper air-flow to use. and can sincerly deafen one to use.

because you have 2 open bays for a mount says you can suspend it for the 3.5 drive

as well. yeah it might look ghetto, but its more air than you had before. using cable

ties to secure can be helpful as well.. what case?


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I was already planning on suspending the drives. I originally thought about this because I knew temps could be a mild problem in the top of the case (PC-A05N), but now I plan to get the replacement top-panel, so this is mainly in the name of experimentation/curiosity. I'm aware of the airflow-to-noise issues with smaller fans, I'd run them quiet and expect no miracles (the noise seems pretty good below 10v for a few of them).

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