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MDR-1R vs Momentums

From what I have head the Momentums apparently sound better than the MDR-1Rs.

What are your thoughts?

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Momentums have some edge ahead in sound over the 1r's but it really lacks comfort. Mdr 1r's get my vote... I tried both and I couldn't last with the momentums on my ears because they would eventually press a little on my ears/glasses.

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It's perspective, I personally prefer the MDR's

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Thoroughly doubt that—The MDR-1Rs are probably a bit heavier tuned to the lower ends, but the overall experience of the Sony cans is vastly superior to the bland Sennheiser sound in my experience. (If you compare over-ear to over-ear, at least). But hey, it's all very personal when it comes to sound.



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It's on about the same level, so it'd be a close call about the sound quality. It's different than, say, 1R vs HD800 (which is very obvious). All brew down to preference. It's like colors, which one is better, blue or green? Depends on who you're asking and what's his/her preference. 


Best thing of course is to test it before you buy. Another way is find a store that got flexible policies, and let you return it (maybe with a small fee). Buy both of them, decide which one you like best, and return the other.

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I really like the sound from my 1R, so they get my vote.


Also, they look soo good. (not that this matters much since you don't see them when you wear them)

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