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Galax GTX 970 EOC waterblock

Hey guys,


Does anyone know of a waterblock that will fit a GALAX GTX 970 EOC? I've read up around the web that apparently waterblocks from reference gtx 670's work with reference gtx 970's but my cards are non reference so obviously have a different PCB layout.


Here is what my pcb looks like 



Any experience, knowledge or links would be greatly appreciated :)



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I would assume that it will be a while before any full cover blocks come out for non reference cards. so I would just wait and be patient.

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And by then I'll have moved on to the next tier of cards haha. Forever selling and upgrading to keep up to date. Wish they just for once cooperated with companies to have blocks readily available a few weeks after release rather then months :P

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hit up www.coolingconfigurator.com to look at compatibilities. 


Edit: EK say no dice I'm afraid and nothing is in the works. Can you exchange it for a different one?

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Nah, these things have been sitting in the system for a week now haha. That's okay, worst case scenario I know of a place which custom makes water blocks to order. But no point in going alll out just yet. I'll just wait for summer to hit and see how i go from there. Worst case scenario, I'll sell them off and purchase whatever else is out at the time and look into cooling options more vigorously before making a decision haha. 

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I'd just wait a little bit longer. Sure EK and others are working on it.

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