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** CLOSED ** HUGE Computex Giveaway Sponsored by WD and Steiger Dynamics

Someone who is more active in the forum deserves this more than me, but, I would be more active if I had a nice system!  :rolleyes: 

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A lot of giveaways, would love to win something for once 

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A ton of giveaways now... hopefully I can win something XD

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OH man this is just Awesome!






thankyou soo much!

i7 5960X OC 4.40Ghz II GTX 1080 Asus Stryx II X99S Gaming 7 MSI II 16GB Vengence DDR4 II 250GB Samsung 850 II 3x 1 TB HDD WD II 

Designer by Heart, Gamer by Blood

Send me a PM if you want a custom Profile Pic or Background!  --

If you like what I made you , share it with everyone In this thread Here!

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Awesome, another giveaway! 

|CPU: Intel 5960X|MOBO:Rampage V Extreme|GPU:EVGA 980Ti SC 2 - Way SLI|RAM:G-Skill 32GB|CASE:900D|PSU:CorsairAX1200i|DISPLAY :Dell U2412M X3|SSD Intel 750 400GB, 2X Samsung 850 Pro|

Peripherals : | MOUSE : Logitech G602 | KEYBOARD: K70 RGB (Cherry MX Brown) | NAS: Synology DS1515+  - WD RED 3TB X 5|ROUTER: AC68U

Sound : | HEADPHONES: Sennheiser HD800 SPEAKERS: B&W CM9 (Front floorstanding) ,  B&W CM Center 2 (Centre) | AV RECEIVER : Denon 3806 | MY X99 BUILD LOG!


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