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Hey guys.

I have a rather serious problem with my desktop computer, and I hope you guy could help me out.

Lately I have experienced a lot of recent bsod ( Black Screen of Death ) where the error code was either Memory Management or Non-paged area.


Not only that, certain applications, like my browsers, Chrome & Firefox keep crashing. Also my steam games & Blizzard games keep crashing.


I have done a little bit of troubleshooting myself, and has also run the windows memory program ( Can't remember the exact name, sorry ) where the program simply reported nothing wrong. few days went by without the random crashes, and now all of the sudden, it has started to happen again, and this time more often as it should do ( In my opinion) 

The memory that I'm currently using is 4x4Gb Kingston Hyperx 1033MHz, and it has been in my system for almost solid 3 years.


Could it be time for new memory, is there another way around to solve the issues?


I dearly hope you guys could help me out :)


Best regards, Eladarian.

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Post bugcheck and dump file . Did you tried memtest ?

                                                                     > I have approximate knowledge of many things <

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Yes! That's what I tried to do. And where do I find the bugcheck & dump file ?

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