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LOVED this build from Jay: 






And I really REALLY like this random stuff linus does. Kinda want more.. haha: 

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Jay's video:


Linus' video:




We hope you guys are as excited about this as we are! We're teaming up with JayzTwoCents to bring you guys a wicked giveaway. Make sure you're subscribed to both channels:






and then comment below with a link to your favorite video from each channel to enter.


We're going to draw one lucky winner who will receive a Radeon R9 270X and an OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W 80PLUS Gold power supply with individually sleeved cables! The draw will take place on August 8.


Best of luck everyone, and thanks as always for supporting our content! :)



This is an international giveaway!!

lemme win cuh

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This video taught me a lot about CPU and intel hyperthreading


And im sucker for cool setup tours

- Sic Trix

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Jayz video:


Linus video:


and i often watch your weekly WAN show! linus n slick are silly guys with many jokes!

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HI Guys!!!

Fav vids?



I chose this one bc it helped me out so much for BF4 THANKS!



idk what vid to choose, but I really enjoy Linus's "As Quick as Possible" vids. Not only are they short, but also very informative and to-the-point!



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- teamspeak.ltt-unofficial.com

- teamspeak.ltt-unofficial.net

- teamschnitzel.ltt-unofficial.com

- teamschnitzel.ltt-unofficial.net

cpu: Intel sandybridge-E 3930k @ 4.2Ghz

cooler: corsair h100 @ full speed push-pull

motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme

gpu: 2x EVGA GTX660's & 1x EVGA GTX980

ssd: 2x samsung 256GB 840 pro raid 0

ssd: 1x samsung 1TB 840 evo

hdd: WD green 3TB

hdd: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (st1000dm003)

hdd: Seagate Barracuda 1TB (st31000520as)

psu: corsair ax1200i

ram: 8x 4GB corsair platinum @1866mhz

case: coolermaster cosmos II

age: Do the math (summer 2012)

monitors Main: 8x LG 22EA53 1080p 60hz

monitor Extra: 1xiiyama prolite G2773Hs 1080p 120hz 27"

os: windows 7 pro (64-bit)

keyboard: logitech g19

mouse: corsair m60


Lenovo T550


RaspBerry pi webserver:

Status: Offline.





PC straight to the modem/router/switch/DHCP-Server/... with a 20cm (+-8inch) cat6a patch cable because same price as cat5.

ISP: Telenet (belgium)

Speed: 60Down-4Up (+- 45€/month)

ping to there servers: +-8ms

ping to other Belgians: +-12ms



- wheels for cosmos II


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Oh my, both of those would really help kickstart™ ( :lol:) my aging computer.


I also wouldn't have to buy a new power supply next month like i was planning.



The choices were tought because i love a tonne of videos between both my role model Linus and my sugardaddy Jayz




And for Jayz




Best of luck to the...Wow 300 pages. of entries. and if i don't win i hope you guys really put those parts to use

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Ballin' giveaway! I love when either of you endorse small companies or artisans and the like. Also when you show your nerdy "opinionated-ness." I can relate!

So many people have the wrong idea about what Quadros are! Now I have a much better understanding. Thanks!!!

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My favorites




And the helpful video from Jay: 



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Hey Linus and Jay! Ive been watching you guys for a while now and I really want this :D I've been needing an upgrade for a longtime now. Anyway Keep up the good work guys! Love the channels


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