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Recommended Mic to get for someone wanting to make Youtube videos.


My brother wants to start making videos on Youtube and I would like to get him a better microphone. He is currently using his android phone to record the video and audio. He could definitely use a better camera down the road if he get serious about it but for now I would like to get him a microphone to improve the audio quality. I would like to stay around $40-60 but under $80 but could go a bit higher if it's worth it but if he gets more into it im sure we would be wanting to change the whole setup so I don't want to spend a bunch right now especially with him just starting out. I was looking at lavalier mics since the way he has done his videos so far is it recording him infront of his computer so I don't think a larger mic with an arm would work well for him and he would need it to work with his phone. Searching on amazon brings a ton of options but you never really know how much faith you can put into the reviews and looking on youtube hasn't given me any great options, it doesn't help my hearing isn't great and they all sound kinda the same. Hopefully someone here is using a similar setup that they like. 

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No joke, the Apple USB-C EarPods are a great microphone for $19 if you want to be ultra cheap.



Maono has sponsored LTT before




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Fifine is a good budget brand too. I personally have the AM8T model (T for boom arm bundle)



Make sure to track the price on some kind of Amazon extension. It frequently drops down to like $55.

It sounds excellent (in my limited experience with microphones). My friends on Discord tell me I sound much more podcasty compared to my old ModMic microphone. Best part is that it's plug n play. I used the included USB-C to A cable and literally changed no settings on my computer and I was ready for Discord and Steam games.


Personally I like dynamic microphones because they are less sensitive to ambient noise and it's precisely why I chose the AM8. I am able to have video game noise play on my desktop speakers and people on the other end don't hear it.

Most other cheap microphones are condenser so it is more sensitive to ambient noise. There are pros and cons for both. I don't mind have the microphone up against my face - it makes me feel more professional.

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