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On the lookout for Full ATX case with maximum width of 165mm or less

Hi guys, hope we're doing okay 


I'm on the lookout for a ATX case that will fit in the top shelf of the Kallax TV unit I'm looking to buy, but the size constraint might be an issue... 


The width of the case needs to be less than 165mm


The case needs to support an ATX motherboard (gigabyte gaming ab350), with an ATX power supply (corsair RM750), and I'm looking for a case that will house this, probably with the need for a vertical GPU bracket. Not fussed about the machine sticking out the front/back of the unit a couple inches, but wondered if anyone had any ideas. I'm also using the stock AMD cooler and happy to buy a slim am4 cooler, and have 2*3.5" hard drives, but these can also be transferred to a 2.5inch hard drive and/or nvme storage, or external etc 


Probably looking at around a 3U rack mount size case 😅




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