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xubuntu 24.04 not regogising any audio

I switched my hp 11A G6 EE Chromebook to run xubuntu minimal 24.04 LTS and the audio does not work. Neither the built in speakers or my headphones are recognized.

I am new to Linux so will need step by step if I need to use the terminal.

Don't ask why I switched my Chromebook to Linux, I did and it will stay

I have tried to look elsewhere online but nothing seems to work/ is meant for someone who knows how to use the terminal more than me.

If you want screenshots you will have to tell me how to do that.

I do have a wireless keyboard and mouse I am currently using


Thanks in advance!

Main "Rig"=HP 11A G6 EE

Android Tablet

Raspberry PI Zero W 2

If you have any fun ideas for things for me to do with my PI, send me a direct message. 

I plan to upgrade within a few months to a proper computer.

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