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Weekly Sponsor Concerns Update - June 14, 2024

Hey everyone, just coming back this week with one quick update.




Some issues were flagged by a member of the community who was on a Tello plan. They were being charged for hotspotting despite not doing any hotspotting. It seems the issue is the use of a VPN being flagged and charged as though it were hotspotting. The speeds were also throttled after going over usage limits. The throttling is a little more common, especially with Tello using T-Mobile towers. However, this has been shared with Tello's account manager, specifically the first section about the VPN being flagged as hotspotting. We are going to explore the reasoning behind this, and see if they can at least offer more transparency.


That’s all for this week. Enjoy the WAN Show tonight, and we’ll be back again next Friday.



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