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How to make a Feature Phone OS from scratch?

I've been looking to get a Feature Phone for a bit and after looking at a lot the options available, a lot of Feature phones are just either too pricey for what it is and not for me, or too inexpensive with crappy software and camera. A lot of the Nokia Feature Phones are cheap but are a huge downgrade from where it was just 10-15 years ago, with the S30+ software being clunky and weird feeling with that inpart of being severely underpowered for processing modern things. Other FPs that offer KaiOS are ok, especially with the fact that they come with WhatsApp and YouTube installed, BUT with the enormous downside of ads being injected directly into the OS, that kills it completely for me. I have a Nokia 2780 and the ads just made me crawl straight back to my S23 Ultra that I want to sell.

I have researched the Light Phone II and Punkt, and while I know the money is going to the Research and development of these phones while they were building them from scratch too, I can't mentally justify spending that amount of money for less features than the 2780. I kinda wanna make my own prototype dumb phone that feels nice to use but I'm not really sure where to start as I have no experience coding, but I would love to learn, at least just for fun and to get my foot in the door

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I'm not sure you realize how big of a task you just put forth.


For about the same price as the Light Phone or Punkt you could probably piece together something that could make calls and maybe do SMS, and it might even fit in a large pocket.


If you want anything more than that just lock down a mid-range smartphone. Creating your own feature phone that you'd actually want to use would involve becoming both an experienced electrical engineer and software developer, and would cost more than your S23 Ultra. It's not a "get your foot in the door" project.


If locking down a phone doesn't feel like enough, the next easiest solution would probably be to cut down a distribution of LineageOS to the bare minimum features, that would "just" involve a few years of learning Java, C, C++, and Rust.





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