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Worth upgrading Ally to Ally X?

Hello there


I have an Ally which was sent to repair to fix SD card issues. I don't know if that fix will last.


I already invested by buying some spare joystick cores (5x) spare back and a spare battery for this Ally in case I scratch it or it breaks.


I also have the mod in it to install 4TB NVMe which works fine.


I have RTX 3080 XG Mobile as well.


I'm wondering if it's worth upgrading to Ally X.


The main reason is the bigger battery and Thunderbolt 4 port. It would enable me to have portable NVMe (4TB) that I have to expand the storage when needed to 8TB.


I noticed the price for the new Ally is £899 and for my current one I can probably get £500 with the extras.


Extra RAM would help too.


Is it worth upgrading?

Main PC:

CPU: Intel Core i9 14900KS SP 109 (125P-79E) (6.1Ghz P-Cores 4.8Ghz E-cores) MC SP 88

CPU Voltage: LLC6 1.43V (real voltage 1.305V + - Temps 77-80 P-Cores, 66-68 E-cores)

Cooled by: Supercool Direct Die 14th gen full nickel

Motherboard: Z790 ASUS Maximus Apex Encore

RAM: GSkill TridentZ 2x24GB DDR5 8600Mhz CL38 (OC from 8000Mhz CL40)

GPU: RTX MSI 4090 Suprim X with EKWB waterblock

Case: My own case fabricated out of aluminium and wood

Storage: 4x 2TB Sarbent Rocket Plus Gen 4.0 NVMe, 1x External 2TB Seagate Barracuda (Backup)

WiFi: BE202 WiFi 7 Tri-Band card module

PSU: Corsair AX1600i with custom black and red cables with 2x Corsair 5V+ Load Balancer

Display: Samsung Oddysey G9 240Hz Ver. 5120x1440 with G-Sync and Freesync Premium Pro 1008 Firmware Ver, and 1x Electriq USB C 1080p 15'8 inch IPS portable display for temperature and stats, MSI 23'8 144Hz G-Sync

Fan Controllers:  6x AquaComputer Octo with 5 temperature sensors

Cooling: Three Custom Loops:

1st Loop: 5x 480mm XE CoolStream radiators with 1x Revo D5 RGB pump and 1x Rajintek Antila D5 Evo RGB pump for GPU only cooling with 2x Koolance QDC3, red coolant

2nd Loop: 5x 480mm XE CoolStream radiators with 1x Revo D5 RGB pump and 1x Rajintek Antila D5 Evo RGB pump for CPU only cooling with 2x Koolance QDC3, purple coolant

3rd Loop: 1x 240mm PE CoolStream radiator with 1x EKWB Revo D5 pump (RAM ONLY)

Total: 5x pumps and 13x radiators 50x 3000RPM Noctua Industrial fans

Keyboard: Razer BlackWidow V3 RGB - Green switches

Sound: Logitech Z680 5.1 THX Certified 505W Speakers

Mouse: Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless with charging dock

Piano: Yamaha P155

Phone: Oppo Find X5 Pro

Camera: Logitech Brio Pro 4K

VR: Oculus Rift S

External SSD: 256GB Overclocking OS

LaptopMSI Titan GT77HX V13RTX 4090 175W, i9 13980HX OC: P-Cores 5.8Ghz 3 cores and 5.2Ghz 5 cores and E-Cores 4.3Ghz, 192GB of RAM @5600Mhz @3600 (chipset limit),

12TB (3x4TB) of NVMe, 17'3 inch 4K 144Hz MiniLED screen, 4x 17'3 ASUS portable USB-C Monitors 240Hz, Creative Sound Blaster G6 Sound Card, Portable 16TB NVMe in TB4 enclosures (8x2TB), Razer Basilisk Ultimate Wireless with charging dock gaming mouse, Keychron K3 gaming keyboard with blue switches low profile, Logitech Brio 4K Webcam.

Hand held: ROG Ally with XG Mobile RTX 3080 with Keychron K3 low profile keyboard (Blue Switches) and Razer Hyperspeed V3 mouse and 4TB NVMe upgrade (WDBlack SN850X), with 100W 20000Mah power bank and portable monitor ROG XG17AHP 17'3 inch 240Hz with built in battery, and 518Wh Power station for Camping.

HTPC: 13900KS SP111 5.9Ghz P-Core 4.8Ghz E-Core 1.43V LLC7 (Real Voltage 1.4V) with Supercool Direct Die, RTX 3090 ASUS Strix White with Active Water Block, ASUS Strix Z790-F Motherboard, 2x16GB DDR5 8000Mhz running 7600Mhz CL38, 4x 2TB Samsung 990 Pro NVMes, 3x 360mm EKWB PE White rads 3x 480mm external XE EKWB rads with 2x D5 pumps (single loop) with 21 Uni fans, G5 Odyssey 144Hz 1440p monitor, Keychron K3 slim mechanical keyboard and Basilisk Ultimate mouse, Corsair Elite Wireless headset.

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