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Looking for mini ITX case: 340 GPU length + 240mm AIO cooler

I already purchased the main components for my next build, including a 14900K CPU and Gigabyte 4090 OC GPU. The GPU requires 340 of clearance, and 3.5 slots. The CPU… obviously requires as much cooling as possible. I was hoping to use JM customize’s Model D case initially, but my GPU is just a tiny bit too large.


(1) So I’m looking for a nice looking case. It doesn’t necessarily have to my mini ITX, but I’d prefer it to be small.


(2) Size is not a deal breaker, but design definitely is. I don’t plan to use RGB, glass sides, or anything showy. I’d prefer a minimalist looking case


(3) For CPU cooling, I either need enough space for a Noctua D15, or at least a 240mm AIO (preferably 360mm)


(3) I’m happy to pay extra for better quality (e.g. all metal design).



In addition to the JM Customized mentioned above, I looked at several options:


(1) the Jonsbo i100, but its GPU clearance in terms of height is slightly insufficient


(2) Fractal Design North: regular version is already pretty card, but for a 340mm long GPU, it won’t allow 360mm radiators in the front. So limited to 240mm for already a pretty large case


(3) Fractal Design Pop: can fit 240AIO and 340mm GPU. But it’s just a bit plain looking…


Any suggestions?

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An option to consider:





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Not stricktly a mitx case, but I am very happy with my Silverstone Alta G1M. 

Its a pillar style matx with a very small footprint. 

And has a minimalistic look with geometric patterns on the sides. 

Comes in black and white. 


SilverStone Alta G1M Review | PCMag



mITX is awesome! I regret nothing (apart from when picking parts or have to do maintainance *cough*cough*)

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